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If you are ready for an ultimate personal transformation, apply for my seven-week 1-1 container and dive into all layers of who you are and who you are meant to be.


Master your unique life

[Accepting Applications now]

It is time to stop what you are doing for a moment.
Question yourself - are you really happy with what you are doing? Who you have become? What you have?

Do you feel like there is meant to be more in life? 


And although you may ‘have it all’, you may feel empty, confused, overwhelmed, and lost?

Once you realize that you have to do things your very own way, and that you are absolutely unique and unlike anyone else - a whole new world will open up for you! 

Because when you align with your individuality, joy and fulfillment will instantly be available to you.


All you have to do is figure out who you are, and what you want.


And this is what this container is about.
After years and years of research and work, I have created a powerful formula that will help you discover every layer of who you are, so that you can start creating the life that you really want - a life that feels healthy and is filled with contentment.  


I will teach you anything you need to know about yourself to start creating a new rhythm for your life. And after seven weeks, you will walk away feeling confident, empowered, and inspired. You will have clarity and a strong focus on where you are heading. 


So are you ready, or are you ready? It’s a no-brainer, isnt it!!


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apply now!

whats included

    Seven 60-minute live training sessions that will be recorded and available for you to rewatch at any time

    All meditations & exercises we run through are accessible as separate audios that you can go back to over and over again

    Receive a personal reading of your Human Design chart, that you can take with you and use as guidance for the rest of your life

    ded Workbooks, Documents, Recipes, and more according to your unique needs


what you will learn

Get an overview of where you are currently at, and where you want to be in life. We will then create a pathway to help you get there

The importance of your intuition to make decisions and improve confidence in your individuality and path in life

How to deal with what you will encounter along the way/have already experienced - Triggers, Emotions, Trauma. This will strengthen your resilience to stick with your unique path

Get to know your body to achieve physical well-being at all times - we will cover lifestyle as well as diet according to Ayurvedic principles

Dive into your purpose, strengths, and weaknesses and learn that you are perfect just the way you are with Human Design

The importance of believing and trusting in yourself and Tools to navigate all life circumstances

How to remove limitations, blocks, and resistance that is holding you back from being bigger and better

Please note: As I strongly encourage how unique every person is, this course summary acts as a guideline and might be slightly adapted to your personal needs to achieve maximum results!!

Investment 1.800$
Payment Plans available -

Thank you for applying! I will be in touch to organise a connection call xx





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