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Discover intensive group trainings that are guaranteed to help you shift from where you are currently at to where you want to be in only a few weeks time!


Discover your inner GPS

[Next Start Date: 24 August 2023]


Imagine the following scenario for a moment.


You watch your best friend struggle in life day in and day out. They are worried about money, relationships, work, their bodies, their direction in life. They are unable to sleep, and are constantly stressed, depressed, or anxious. 


You have all the answers. You know exactly how to help your friend, how to get them out of their mess and make them feel better. 

But they just don’t listen. It is as if they were deaf, not hearing a single word of what you say.


This is how most people walk through life. 

The best friend represents logic. 

You represent intuition.


Your Intuition is there, if you are aware of it or not. It is trying to help you, send information, and get you back on track. But you first need to stop and start listening.


Isn’t that easier said than done? 


Truth is, discovering your intuition is like learning a new language. And this takes time and practice.


This isn’t your average ‘woo-woo’ training. We are exploring intuition in a way that is relatable, easily applicable, and instantly life-changing!



whats included

    Access to five 90-minute live group training sessions that will be recorded and available to rewatch at any time

    All meditations & exercises we run through are accessible as separate audios that you can go back to over and over again

    Access to a 24/7 group chat to bounce ideas off of each other and ask as many questions as you need to be completely in the clear

what you will learn

All the Intuition Basics: What Intuition is, What it feels like, Why and when you want to use it, and How Intuition shows up for you uniquely (in alignment with your Human Design Chart)


Techniques to clearly receive intuitive information, How to practice, and what you need to start practicing


When to listen to your gut vs head and how to know the difference


How to learn to trust your Intuition, Confidence in making decisions


What may be blocking your intuition from coming through and how to clear it

Investment: $555
- Payment plans available -





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